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Name: Celanawe - Mage
Rank: Ceo
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Boss: Unknown
For: April 2012
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Defeated Deathwing

Tacosandyams, Mar 24, 12 12:37 PM.


Love love love!

Tacosandyams, Feb 8, 12 9:45 AM.
Love is in the air! Raided last night up to the 5th boss. Boat boss and beyond on Thursday!

Downed Ultraxion Guild Run

Tacosandyams, Jan 11, 12 10:00 AM.
Screen Shot before fight. We had one pug with us today (Buddah?) and we killed it in one try. Literally had 1 second before the enrage timer wipe.

Dragon Soul

Tacosandyams, Dec 30, 11 10:56 AM.
Working on Dragon Soul. This photo is a little old. For now we are working on the 5th boss. Hit enraged timer twice yesterday, needed 30 more seconds to kill boss.

Wipe on 2nd good/final attempt of the night. Numbers are difficult to read a bit.
Raid Status
Dragon Soul
Morchok- Down
Warlord Zon'ozz-Down
DownYor'sahj the Unsleeping-Down
Hagara the Stormbinder-Down
Warmaster Blackhorn-Down
Spine of Deathwing-Down
Madness of Deathwing-Down

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